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There are several things to do to begin your search for a birth relative:

  1. Register with the provincial adoption registry in the province where the adoption was finalized. The laws vary greatly from province to province. See Searching in Canada
  2. Depending on the province where the adoption was finalized, you need to request your non-identifying background or social history information from the agency or private agent (such as doctor or lawyer) that handled the adoption. In Ontario, request your ‘redacted file’.
  3. Contact a Parent Finders or an affiliate group located near the area you live in or are searching in as it will be in a better position to offer local search advice. See Other Parent Finders Groups 
  4. For those searching  Ontario go to ONTARIO.
  5. For those searching in Quebec, go to QUEBEC.
  6. For those searching in the USA, go to USA.
  7. Excellent resource manual for starting your search :  ACOP Search Manual (1997).
  8. General Search Checklist
  9. Search & Reunion Etiquette:   The Guide Miss Manners Never Wrote   by Monica Byrne (2010)

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Nov 8, 2023

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Last PF Meeting May 2013

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