Contact Us

Parent Finders Ottawa can be contacted in several ways:

By Email:

By Phone: 613-730-8305

By Mail: contact us for an updated mailing address

When contacting us, please provide us with the following information if possible. We need your current information in case of a match with our database:

  1. Your status (adoptee, birth relative, other) in search or in reunion?
  2. Date of birth of the adoptee
  3. Birth place of the adoptee
  4. Birth name of the adoptee, if known
  5. Province where the adoption was finalized
  6. Have you applied for or received non-identifying background information from the agency / firm that handled the adoption?
  7. Have you registered with any government adoption registries? Other type of support groups or online registries?
  8. What is your current contact information: telephone, address


Nov 8, 2023

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    Christmas Meeting 1994