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Parent Finders offers a new FREE service. Enter your original birth/search information below and we will verify it against our national database for a match. Give us as much information as possible as matches may occur several years later and we may need to search for you!!

If we DO find a possible match, we will contact you. You will have the option of registering with us for search and contact help. Our registration fee will apply.

If we DO NOT find a match, we will NOT contact you. However, we will keep your information in our database for possible future matches. There will be no fee unless your register with us formally.   

EXCEPTIONS: If the year of birth of the adoptee is unknown or if multiple births are involved, please contact us directly at or 613-730-8305.

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By submitting this form, I agree to Parent Finders Ottawa storing my personal
information in their secure data base in the hope of making a match. No
personal information will be divulged to any third party without my explicit
permission unless required to do so by law.

Yes,  I am also interested in a one-time registration with Parent Finders Ottawa. I understand the registration fee of $50 ($75 CAD for international) will cover information, guidance and support for my search and reunion.  Go to Registration Page.

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Pat McCarron chairing a public information meeting
Pat McCarron chairing a public information meeting

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